Unlimited Pass Flyer 

What do I get if I purchase the Unlimited Pass?

  • Once you have purchased an Unlimited Pass, you are able to attend as many in-person and live webinar training sessions with Abilities Network Project ACT as you’d like throughout the year for no additional cost. The pass is applicable to training for the pass holder only and cannot be used to register other people for training sessions.

Why should I get an Unlimited Pass?

  • An Unlimited Pass will allow you to attend as many training sessions as you want throughout the year for one low price. You will be able to attend training sessions on a variety of topics based on your interests without being limited by the cost. All training sessions provide COK hours to participants who pass the knowledge measure. Child Care Professionals who are enrolled in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program will benefit from unlimited access to training to meet COK requirements to move up through credentialing levels. If you are starting your own Family Child Care Program, unlimited access to training with the Unlimited Pass will save you money on your start up training requirements!

How much does the Unlimited Pass cost?

  • The Unlimited Pass is $140 for non-members, and $120 for members.

What is included in my Unlimited Pass?

  • Your Unlimited Pass grants you access to all in-person training sessions offered at Abilities Network Project ACT’s Harford and Baltimore County offices, and live webinars offered through the Zoom platform. It also includes trainings hosted at various sites in Cecil County. The Unlimited Pass does NOT include the 2-day Medication Administration class. This class is excluded from the Unlimited Pass at this time.  The Unlimited Pass CANNOT be used for on-line training courses through Smart Horizons, for Project ACT's annual conference, or for trainings with any other organizations.

How long is my Unlimited Pass good for?

  • Your Unlimited Pass will become active on the day of purchase, and remains active for 1 year from that date.

 Where can I use my Unlimited Pass?

  • You can use your Unlimited Pass at our Baltimore County office in Towson, at our Harford County office in Abingdon, and at various host sites in Cecil County which are announced throughout the year on our website. You can also use your pass on the live webinars listed on our website (this does not include Smart Horizons trainings).

I’m already a member of the Project ACT Child Resource Center. Is there a member discount on the Unlimited Pass?

  • Yes! An Unlimited Pass is available for members at a discounted rate. In order to purchase a discounted Unlimited Pass, you must purchase a new membership that runs concurrently with the dates of your Unlimited Pass. You will be issued a prorated refund for the time remaining on your current membership.

How do I sign up for training sessions with my Unlimited Pass?

  • If you are an Unlimited Pass holder, you will have access to one Unlimited Pass ticket per training session. When you are logged in on our website, you will see the option of selecting an Unlimited Pass ticket type, which will be listed at a price of $0.

I participate in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program. Will I be able to get reimbursed for my Unlimited Pass?

  • Unlimited Pass holders will be issued a special receipt following each training for the face value of that training. Receipts must be submitted to the credentialing office with a copy of the training certificate within 6 months of attending the training. You will be reimbursed for the face value of each training you attend, until you have been reimbursed for the total price of the pass. For more questions on how this works, please contact Jasmine at jcampbell@abilitiesnetwork.org.

If I have an Unlimited Pass, do I need to register for trainings in order to attend?

  • Yes! Advance registration for training sessions is required. You can register for trainings on our websites up until an hour before the training is scheduled to begin. Advanced notice ensures that trainers are prepared with sufficient materials for all training participants.

Do I need to cancel in advance if I'm unable to attend a training?

  • Yes! Unlimited Pass holders are required to register for all trainings and comply with Project ACT’s cancellation policy. Project Act requires 48 hours advanced notice for training cancellations. This can be done over phone or email. Time and resources are invested in each enrolled participant and no-shows affect the quality of the training session. If an Unlimited Pass holder misses 2 trainings without giving advanced notice according to the cancellation policy, the Unlimited Pass will be removed from their account. They will be provided with a partial credit for the cost of their Unlimited Pass, less the face value of any trainings for which they have registered. This includes both trainings they have attended and trainings they have missed without cancelling in advance. Credits can be used towards future trainings at face value. If the face value of trainings for which they have registered exceeds the cost of the Unlimited Pass, the Unlimited Pass will be removed from their account and no credit will be provided.

Is the Unlimited Pass refundable?

  • No. Once the Unlimited Pass is purchased, no refunds will be provided.