Attention Providers!

A phone scam targeting Maryland child care providers aims to gather their personal and credit card information.
The suspicious callers, going by the names of Alex Dawson and Ben, tell recipients that MSDE is running a $100 gift card promo. The reason for the call is to enter providers in the promo and to assist providers with the forms and process that are required to be accredited with MSDE.
Scammers will ask to take the providers’ credit card details to activate this promo with $2.95 and also give a verification code. Providers are then placed on hold after this promo process to connect with an officer to complete this process; callers are not connected to an officer. The number given to call regarding the promo is 1-877-605-1539.
Contact your bank immediately if you have given your credit card information to anyone offering a promo from MSDE and/or the Credentialing Branch.
If you have been contacted for this or another scam for the Credentialing program, email We’d like to hear your story.